Suzuki Plus of Manhattan is the teaching studio of Mary Douglas.  By incorporating my studies in Dalcroze, Orff-Schulwerk, Kodaly and Musikgarten methodologies with that of the Suzuki methodology I am able to provide a holistic musical education, cultivating in each student the independence to become their own teacher.

Students ranging in age from three years old to adult come to the studio on the Upper West Side for lessons each week. In the beginning stage of instruction, students learn by ear. This allows them to develop a natural technique and appreciation for sound before learning to read music. Students perform regularly in group classes, music parties and formal recitals. Families are encouraged to attend good professional concerts as well.
I invite you to spend a few minutes here to learn a little about my approach to teaching, my formal qualifications and why music lessons in my studio might be a good fit for you or your child.

My goal is to provide a nurturing and musically stimulating environment. Whether you're looking for lessons for yourself or your children you'll also see some of the fun my students have cultivating a love and skill for music that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.  

All best, 
Mary Douglas, MM
Why early childhood music education matters
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